prefix notation


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  • prefix notation — prefiksinis užrašas statusas T sritis informatika apibrėžtis Operacijos užrašas, kai operacijos ženklas rašomas prieš operandus. Taip dažniausiai užrašomos vienvietės operacijos, pavyzdžiui, a, ¬a. Dvivietės (pvz., + a b) – rečiau. atitikmenys:… …   Enciklopedinis kompiuterijos žodynas

  • prefix notation — noun a parenthesis free notation for forming mathematical expressions in which each operator precedes its operands • Syn: ↑Lukasiewicz notation, ↑Polish notation • Hypernyms: ↑parenthesis free notation …   Useful english dictionary

  • prefix notation — noun Polish notation …   Wiktionary

  • Prefix (disambiguation) — A prefix is a part of a word attached to a stem which modifies the meaning of that stem.Prefix may also refer to: *Prefix (computer science), a prefix of a string *The Prefix a mixtape by the American rapper, Lil Wayne *Numerical prefix, a prefix …   Wikipedia

  • Notation — The term notation can refer to: Contents 1 Written communication 1.1 Biology and Medicine 1.2 Chemistry 1.3 Dance and movement …   Wikipedia

  • Notation 3 — Die Notation 3 (oder N3) ist äquivalent zu RDF in seiner XML Syntax, aber wesentlich einfacher und gut geeignet um Grundlagen des semantischen Webs kennenzulernen. Entwickelt wird dieses Format von Tim Berners Lee. Ein Beispiel zur Formulierung… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Polish notation — Polish notation, also known as prefix notation, is a form of notation for logic, arithmetic, and algebra. Its distinguishing feature is that it places operators to the left of their operands. If the arity of the operators is fixed, the result is… …   Wikipedia

  • Hungarian notation — is a naming convention in computer programming, in which the name of a variable indicates its type or intended use. There are two types of Hungarian notation: Systems Hungarian notation and Apps Hungarian notation .Hungarian notation was designed …   Wikipedia

  • Infix notation — Infobox notation logo=Infix notation is the common arithmetic and logical formula notation, in which operators are written infix style between the operands they act on (e.g. 2 + 2). It is not as simple to parse by computers as prefix notation ( e …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse Polish notation — (or just RPN) by analogy with the related Polish notation, a prefix notation introduced in 1920 by the Polish mathematician Jan Łukasiewicz, is a mathematical notation wherein every operator follows all of its operands. It is also known as… …   Wikipedia

  • parenthesis-free notation — noun a notation for forming mathematical expressions that does not use parentheses to delimit components • Hypernyms: ↑mathematical notation • Hyponyms: ↑prefix notation, ↑Lukasiewicz notation, ↑Polish notation, ↑postfix notation, ↑suffix… …   Useful english dictionary

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